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1. Select the company who you feel provides the best business opportunities to multicultural and women owned businesses?

2. Select the company that demonstrates the greatest commitment to supplier diversity

3. Select the company you feel best exemplifies the underlying objective of supplier diversity - providing economic opportunities to diverse suppliers which employ diverse workers, thus creating economic growth in diverse communities.

4. Select the company that best mentors diverse suppliers in developing or marketing their business.

5. Select the company that contributes most to the multicultural communities?

6. Select the company that best advertises it’s products/services to the multicultural communities

7. Select the company that delivers best products/services to women and ethnic customers?

8. Select the company you feel has the most informative and user friendly supplier diversity web-site.

9. Select the company that provides you with the best guidance on how to become part of their Supplier Diversity Program.

10. Select the Government Agency that has exhibited the greatest commitment to Diversity procurement opportunities.

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