Every Article Must have the required information defined in the above document.

Submission Guidelines
Papers should be approximately 1,200-2,000 words in length. They should be written as continuous expository narrative in a chapter or article style - not as lists of points or a PowerPoint presentation.

Please remember that the papers are to be published in magazine and/or website. This means that the style and structure of your text should be relatively formal. For instance, you should not submit a verbatim transcript of an oral presentation, such as 'Today I want to speak to you about ...'.

You may use any referencing style you choose, as long as you use it consistently and to the appropriate standards. Spelling can vary according to national usage, but should be internally consistent. Papers should be thoroughly checked and proof-read before submission, both by the author and a critical editorial friend.

The Submission Process - how and where to submit your completed paper

Completed papers should be emailed as an attachment to .

Once your paper has been received and checked to ensure that corresponding files open you will be sent an official receipt notice via email. This receipt notice will include the administration number allocated to your paper. If you do not receive an official receipt confirmation within five working days of submission please contact the editor at .

The publication process is as follows:
  1. Submit a article before the next call for papers deadline.
  2. Papers are published in print and electronic formats.

Submission Timeline
You may submit at any time. The deadline for publication into a particular year of the magazine is two months before the publication date.

Submission Terms and Conditions
We reserve the right to use the articles in any of our online and print edition magazine issues. We also reserve the right to share/sell/publish the articles in any manner suitable to our business requirements. Also we do not accept articles published on other media outlets. Once its published on our magazine, we reserve the right to the article, So you may not resubmit to any other media or publication.

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