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  • you're a small business with no resources or contacts to plug into your local community.

  • you're a large buying organization that wants to start its own industry association.

  • you're a business association without the resources to put up its own website, send newsletters, build a membership database, or maintain an events calendar.
The answer is Diversity Chapters.

What is it?
Diversity Chapters are informal groups or communities you set up to address your specific business and professional needs. You can make them as simple or as complex as you want - this business platform is yours.

How it's done
The good news is, you do not have to pay dues to belong to and benefit from a Diversity Chapter. It's included in your membership.

The other good news is, you do not have to be an already established business group. You can simply start one, using our resources, for no extra fee whatsoever.

The kinds of Chapters you can create:
  • small business associations

  • chambers of commerce

  • ethnic business groups or associations

  • gender-based business groups or associations

  • industry groups - local, regional or national

  • alumni clubs - local, regional or national

  • or anything else you can think of

You can also create local Diversity Chapters even if you are already a member of a larger established organization, whether it be the Red Cross or the National Association of Women Business Owners. Maybe your organization has nationwide presence but not a local one. You can change that.

The only qualification for membership in a Diversity Chapter is your desire to maximize your local business and professional opportunities.

What you get…
  • your own website - including a membership database, news & message boards, and event calendar

  • a platform to network - meet, plan, and discuss the issues that matter to you and your business

  • greater partnering opportunities - join forces with other businesses in your area

  • access to local markets - expand your contract and procurement opportunities, widen your profit margin

  • access to local contacts and information

  • benefit from having the entire DiversityBusiness.com network behind you - when you approach potential buyers, Chambers of Commerce, large industry groups…

To start a Chapter of your own

You can simply join an existing Diversity Chapter, or start your own.
If you're building a new chapter, all you need is the Start-Up Kit:
  • guidelines

  • membership database

  • a list of local DiversityBusiness members to invite to your Chapter

  • news board & archive

  • discussion groups and message boards

  • events calendar

Questions? Problems starting up? Please refer to our FAQ or send an email to the Diversity Chapter Manager.

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