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    1. An Introduction to Investment Theory

    2. A hyper-text book introducing the foundations of investment decision-making. From William N. Goetzmann, Director, International Center for Finance at the Yale School of Management.

    3. Campbell R. Harvey's Hypertextual Finance Glossary

    4. The largest financial glossary on the Internet has over 6,000 entries and more than 16,000 hyperlinks. Browse alphabetically.

    5. InvestorWords

    6. Comprehensive financial glossary with over 5000 definitions and links between key words. Search by keyword, or browse alphabetically.

    7. Wachowicz's Web World: Web Sites for Discerning Finance Students

    8. Annotated directory of financial management Web sites grouped to correspond with the major topic headings in the textbook "Fundamentals of Financial Management." Interactive quizzes and more than 1,000 PowerPoint slides.

    9. Ameritrade: Encyclopedia of Finance

    10. Explains financial concepts in a straightforward and easy-to-understand way. Covers stocks, security analysis and research, debt securities, mutual funds, investment strategies, retirement planning.

    11. BusinessFinanceMag.com

    12. Articles aimed at finance executives in mid- and large-size corporations. Offers several free newsletters as well as well as JobLink for employers and job seekers, and various research tools.

    13. CBC.ca: Business: Glossary of Personal Finance and Investment Terms

    14. Provided by the Investor Learning Centre of Canada, a non-profit organization, founded by the Canadian Securities Institute, that offers independent investment information to Canadians.

    15. CyberInvest.com

    16. This financial hub for individual investors offers links to research and news, financial tools, and guides which compare investing resources feature by feature, at-a-glance.

    17. ebrary

    18. Search and browse business and economics titles for free. Download free software to allow copying and printing, or link through to purchase titles.

    19. Economic Indicators for Consumers

    20. The Federal Reserve Bank of Richmond explains what key measures of consumer well-being to watch for in the news media.

    21. Economy.com, Inc.

    22. A leading provider of economic, financial, and industry research designed to meet the diverse planning and information needs of business organizations, governments, and professional and personal investors worldwide.

    23. European Finance Review

    24. A peer-reviewed journal which publishes original articles in all fields of finance, theory as well as empirical and applied finance. Fee for subscription.

    25. FinanceWise

    26. Search engine focuses specifically on financial-only content. Every topic, from risk management to syndicated finance and equities is indexed in depth, with the contents of each site evaluated by finance professionals before sites are allowed into FinanceWise's search index.

    27. Financial Finesse

    28. Providing unbiased financial information and resources to people with a goal toward personal financial security.

    29. Investopedia

    30. Tutorials, articles and a dictionary for use as educational reference in the investing and personal finances fields.

    31. Merrill Lynch: How to Read a Financial Report

    32. Describes the various sections of a financial report and explains how to use them. PDF document requires free Adobe Acrobat Reader.

    33. New York Times: Business

    34. U.S. and world financial news. Free registration required. Full text of archived stories available on a pay-per-view basis.

    35. Tradition/Axone Financial Terminology Database

    36. Glossary with over 5000 financial terms in English, French, German and Italian. Non-commercial use is offered at no charge on a query-by-query basis.

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