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Funding a Business

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  • Links

    1. ABC's of Small Business: Money Matters

    2. Links to articles covering various aspects of business funding and business finance, including two directories of sources -- venture capital firms and SBA loan programs.

    3. BusinessFinance.com

    4. Information to assist companies in obtaining capital, gaining support, finding government programs and getting expert help. Online marketplace where businesses in search of capital can look for a match with sources who have capital to place.

    5. CCH Business Owner's Toolkit: Getting Financing for Your Business

    6. Section from Commerce Clearinghouse's SOHO Guidebook on obtaining financing for your small business. Explains how to determine your business' position in the financing cycle, discusses debt vs. equity, and lists government programs that can help.

    7. CFOL.com

    8. The world's largest business finance search engine and a leading provider of automated methods for securing business capital.

    9. Equity Financing Course

    10. A free online course that explains the difference between debt and equity capital, describes the capital raising process, and identifies sources of equity capital. Co-sponsored by the U.S. SBA and the Telecommunications Development Fund.

    11. Inc.com: How To Finance Anything

    12. "Money is easier to get than ever, and there are brand-new places to find it." Describes working with private equity investors, banks, and "nonbank banks."

    13. Inc.com: How Do I Find Cash When My Credit Is Bad?

    14. Practical advice on how to raise capital for your business when your credit rating is less than sterling. (3/1/99)

    15. Industry Canada: Sources of Financing

    16. Part of Industry Canada's Strategis Internet site. Enables small- and medium-sized enterprises to interactively access objective information on appropriate forms of public and private sector sources of debt and equity financing.

    17. LiveCapital

    18. E-marketplace for small business financing. In just minutes, potential borrowers can apply and receive multiple offers for loans, lines of credit, equipment leases, and credit cards from more than 30 of the nation's best-known financial institutions.

    19. MoreBusiness.com: Financing

    20. Annotated list of links to sites with information about financing a business. There's also a link to a searchable database of related articles.

    21. Q&A: Small Business and the SEC

    22. A Securities and Exchange Commission guide to help you understand how to raise capital and comply with the federal securities laws.

    23. Rutgers University: Research Guides: Financing Your Business

    24. Includes links to information about business plans, financial institutions, venture capital, direct public offerings.

    25. SBA: Financing Your Business

    26. Nexus for information about small business loan programs, forms, and statistics; workshops, continuing education; and a long list of links to outside resources.

    27. Startup.WSJ.com: Financing

    28. Selection of articles about different business start-up financing options: venture capital, loans, angles, credit cards, and government programs.

    29. The Capital Network (TCN)

    30. Non-profit economic development organization that provides entrepreneurial ventures with training and access to investors. Introduces investors to entrepreneurs; offers educational programs and resources, and an extensive "know-how network" of experts.

    31. Upside Today: Startup Essentials

    32. Vincent M. Occhipinti, managing director of Woodside Fund, identifies four components critical to startup success: great team, right market, focused execution, and market leadership. (7/7/00)

    33. Venture Capital Marketplace

    34. Privately owned companies wishing to raise financing may notify potential investors of this intention via this site. Also, investors and other related service firms such as management consultants and VC brokers can advertise their services.

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