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Business Plans


  1. AllBusiness.com: Business Plans

  2. This complete guide to business plans explains why they are important, when to write them, and presents actual case studies of successful business planning.

  3. American Express: Creating an Effective Business Plan

  4. Online workshop that will help you create a business plan to guide your business through the start-up or growth phase, a search for capital, and other small business endeavors.

  5. BizPlantIt.Com: Virtual Business Plan

  6. Unique, free online resource that mirrors the major sections of a business plan. Point and click your way to the information you need to write and improve your business plan.

  7. Bizzed: Business Planning Workshop

  8. Three-part online workshop created by experts from Cornell University.

  9. Bplans.com: Business Plans and Marketing Plans

  10. Provides sample business and marketing plans and lots of how-to information. Special section on Dot.com plans and how to land financing.

  11. Business Planning Resources: Starting a Business: Business Planning

  12. Information to help managers and business owners define, create, and write thorough, professional looking business plans that will act as a guide for employees and an influential document for acquiring venture capital.

  13. CCH Business Owner's Toolkit: Planning Your Business

  14. Section on business plans from Commerce Clearinghouse's SOHO Guidebook. Describes what a business plan can do for you, preparing and writing one, and what to do with it after it's finished. A few case studies are provided.

  15. Center for Business Planning

  16. Provides information on every area of planning a business: acquiring venture capital, defining new products, market analysis, competitive analysis, production management, tax problems, legal issues, preparing financial statements, writing business plans.

  17. ComputerUser.com: Creating a Business Plan

  18. "A business plan is really nothing more than a document that shows where your company is going, how it will get there, and what it will look like once its goals are accomplished...As it evolves, the plan gives you direction and focus." (9/00)

  19. Deborah Kluge Independant Consultant: Proposal Writing - Government Contracting

  20. Search engine for Proposal Writing, Government Contracting, Grants, Small and Disadvantaged Business, International Bids and Tenders, and International Development.

  21. Entreprenuer's Guidebooks: Writing a Business Plan

  22. Illustrated guide that identifies and discusses the five essential elements of a business plan: Introductory Section, Company Plan, Marketing Plan, Financial Plan, Supporting Documents. 70 pages, PDF format. Free Adobe Acrobat reader required.

  23. growthink.com: 10 Key Business Plan Components

  24. Each of these components is required to fulfill the needs of sophisticated investors.

  25. Inc.com: Writing a Business Plan

  26. Collection of feature articles on various aspects of putting a business plan together, including market research and financial issues.

  27. LivePlan.com: Sample Plan for Web-Based Business

  28. Sample business plan for InteliChild.com, an Internet based company providing a fun and educational experience for "Net kids." Summary view, outline view, charts, and tables.

  29. MoreBusiness.com: Business and Marketing Plans

  30. Links to information, sample plans, downloadable templates.

  31. Nolo.com: The Essentials of a Business Plan

  32. "All business plans need to show two things: that the business idea is a good one, and that the numbers show a profit."

  33. Planning Freeware: Free-Plan & Biz-Plan

  34. Thirty-six page document containing detailed guidelines on the structure and contents of a business plan to suit an established business or reasonably substantial start-up. It is supplied in Microsoft Word format within a zipped file.

  35. Prentice-Hall: Business Plan Evaluation Scale

  36. When potential lenders or investors review a business plan, they are keenly aware of the risk/return tradeoff. This tool lets you see how well your plan scores based on 12 critical factors.

  37. PricewaterhouseCoopers: Vision to Reality: Entrepreneur Resource Center

  38. Tools and techniques for developing the business plan for your rapidly growing company. Includes an example of a complete business plan in PDF format, requiring free Adobe Acrobat reader.

  39. Royal Bank: The Big Idea

  40. Online tutorial designed to guide you through the steps of developing and fine-tuning your business plan. Consists of a planning guide, examples of business plans, and tips and strategies from other small business owners and entrepreneurs.

  41. SBA: Business Plan Outline

  42. Tutorial and self-paced activity in outline form.

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