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Venture Capital


  1. Bizzed: VC 101: The Bare Facts About Venture Capital

  2. Overview of the venture capital process, with emphasis on the business plan.

  3. Forbes ASAP: The Best VCs

  4. Forbes staff "polled numerous venture capitalists, investment bankers, and entrepreneurs on who they consider to be the best VCs in the country." (05/29/00)

  5. Garage.com: VC Comic Strip

  6. Comic changes daily.

  7. Growth Company Guide to Investors, Deal Structures, and Legal Strategies

  8. Complete text of the 1987 hardcover reference guide to growing a company in the United States.

  9. IEEE Spectrum Online: Opinion: An Engineer's View of Venture Capitalists

  10. "VCs know how to deal with engineers, but engineers don't know how to deal with VCs. VCs take advantage of this situation to maximize the return for the venture fund's investors. Engineers are getting short-changed." (9/01)

  11. Internet.com: Internet VC Watch

  12. "The One Stop Internet Venture Capital Information Network." Deal news, people news, VC firm news, VC link library. Search for VC firms or VC-funded companies.

  13. OffRoad Capital

  14. Online private securities marketplace featuring information transparency; unique, Web-enabled method for obtaining, sharing investment information; live, interactive management presentations; proprietary pricing, order, and allocation mechanism.

  15. PricewaterhouseCoopers MoneyTree Survey

  16. A quarterly study of equity investments made by the venture capital community in emerging private companies in the United States.

  17. Red Herring: VC & Startups

  18. The Deal of the Day and other top stories about venture capital.

  19. Silicon Valley Magazine: Inside the Venture Game

  20. A month behind the scenes at Redpoint Ventures, the newest star in the venture capital firmament. The goal: lock in the next big Internet deals and become a Sand Hill Road legend. Oh, and have fun, too. (01/16/00)

  21. The VC Comic Strip

  22. "When I go like this, it means I get it, go faster." Yes! An actual comic strip about "The Surreal World of Silicon Valley Venture Capital."

  23. Upside Today: Diary of a Startup

  24. "Obtaining funding is a tricky game for entrepreneurs. How does a startup get investors to back the crop without getting evicted from the farmhouse and losing the farm?" The saga of Whistle Communications. (1/18/98)

  25. Venture Capital Links

  26. Annotated list of resources that tell you where to look for funding, financing, tips.

  27. Venture Economics

  28. Thomson Financial Securities Data's (TFSD) Venture Economics group has been tracking the venture capital and buyouts industry for over 35 years. Free sample reports.

  29. Virtual Wall Street

  30. Established to provide a medium for entrepreneurs and investors to locate one another and foster growth within the small-cap community

  31. What Is Venture Capital?

  32. An overview and definition of key terms. Provided by NVCA, the National Venture Capital Association.

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