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  1. Biz-Angels.com

  2. Directory of entrepreneurs looking for angel investors and mentors, and of angel investors looking for investment opportunities. Listings are free of charge, pending authorization.

  3. Business Angels Pty. Ltd.

  4. Provides a central register where both private investors and businesses find each other, and where the needs of the business are matched with the private investors' criteria.

  5. BusinessFinance.com

  6. Highly targeted business capital search engine that brings the fragmented markets of businesses needing capital together with potential funding sources. Includes a VC search wizard.

  7. BusinessPartners.com

  8. Global Internet based service that connects entrepreneurs, early stage companies and established corporations with angel investors, venture capital, corporate investors, potential partners and target data on mergers and acquisitions.

  9. Capitalyst

  10. Recommends opportunities to investors that meet their specific interests and allows them to add value based on their unique experience and industry knowledge.

  11. Donmar Business Services

  12. Fosters growth and development for businesses at every stage, especially start-ups while offering investors and entrepreneurs a base for networking opportunities.

  13. Equitygate

  14. Equitygate advises the entrepreneur in the selection of venture capitalists in order to accommodate particular financing needs by creating a standard for investors that allows them to efficiently analyse potential investment opportunities.

  15. First Tuesday

  16. Global meeting place and market place for start-ups. At First Tuesday events and on its website, entrepreneurs can connect with everything they need to fuel growth: capital, talent, technology, knowledge, and services.

  17. Forbes.com: Needbucks.com

  18. "A name-brand venture capitalist might get 10,000 plans a year and fund only 25. Here are ten tips to improve the odds that your plan is read--maybe even funded." (1/10/00)

  19. Garage.com's Garage

  20. A password-protected area where startup companies apply for membership and, after being accepted, outline their business plans to attract the attention of some of the world's best technology startup investors.

  21. Golden State Capital Network

  22. Linking California's promising entrepreneurs with sources of equity capital, and providing educational programs and technical assistance to help entrepreneurs increase their "investment readiness."

  23. Money Hunt

  24. Companion to the MoneyHunt television program, where entrepreneurs are given 12 minutes to pitch their business plans. Download business plan templates, rummage through the "Golden Rolodex" directory of investors (venture capitalists) and lenders (banks)

  25. NASA SBIR (Small Business Innovation Research): Small Business Financing: Venture Capital Financing

  26. Outlines some considerations that should be taken into account prior to seeking venture capital financing.

  27. SourceCapital InterNetwork

  28. Entrepreneurs present their electronic business plans using SCI's unique audio-visual format.

  29. The Capital Network

  30. Non-profit, economic development organization offers investor-to-entrepreneur introduction services, educational programs, venture capital conferences, seminars, literature, software, and an extensive "know-how network" of experts and advisors.

  31. UniversityAngels.com

  32. A network of online communities for startups and investors of seed capital that is devoted exclusively to students and graduates of the world's leading universities.

  33. VC Experts

  34. Information and guidance on Venture Capital that allows you to research current articles and resources, enroll in online courses, become an angel or post your own business plan.

  35. vcapital Inc.

  36. Connects entrepreneurs with venture capital firms, professional business service providers, and participants in the middle-market M&A community.

  37. Venture Capital Marketplace

  38. Privately owned companies wishing to raise financing may notify potential investors of this intention via this site. Also, investors and other related service firms such as management consultants and VC brokers can advertise their services.

  39. Venture Capital Resource Library

  40. Need money? Start here. A directory of of venture capital firms, angel investors, lenders, and investment banks. Advice, forms, a free biz plan template and a newsletter.

  41. vFinance.com

  42. Destination site for companies seeking capital, as well as institutional and high net-worth investors seeking dynamic high growth companies.

  43. Virtual Wall Street

  44. Established to provide a medium for entrepreneurs and investors to locate one another and foster growth within the small-cap community

  45. WSJ.com: Startup Journal: Venture Capital Database

  46. Download full contact information for the venture capital firms that specialize in your industry. Data provided by Kennedy Information Online.

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