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Payment Systems


  1. bankinfo.com: Cryptography and SET: Safe Surfing

  2. In this paper from the Internet Division of IBM, "The author covers secure electronic transaction essentials: authentication; hierarchies of trust; certificates; and nonrepudiation." (8/11/98)

  3. CIO: E-business Research Center: Electronic Banking, Billing, and Payment Systems

  4. Collection of articles and resources focusing on the various aspects of e-banking and e-payment.

  5. CNET: AmEx To Offer "Disposable" Credit Card Numbers

  6. "American Express cardholders will be able to log onto a secure Web site and receive a one-time-use credit card number for purchases over the Internet... The move could ease consumer fears that their credit cards are vulnerable to online theft." (9/7/00)

  7. Computerworld: New Online Payment Options Emerging

  8. "About 95% of all online purchases were made with credit cards last year. But that could change as software developers and electronic payment services unveil a variety of new payment options." (1/31/00)

  9. E-Commerce Times: Payment Systems

  10. "If you're thinking about launching or expanding an e-business, payment processing definitely needs to be part of your plan." Here you can review a variety of merchants and their solutions.

  11. ePayments Resource Center

  12. Offering the latest e-commerce and wireless payment industry news and information. The research, primarily collated from the Web, is intended to provide an informative overview of e-payments mechanisms within the e-commerce and m-commerce fields.

  13. First Monday: Electronic Purses: (Which) Way To Go

  14. Studies "12 national systems to document the current state of electronic purse projects in Europe... (P)resents and compares rates of penetration and use... (R)etailer acceptance and consumer uptake invariably fall short of expectations." (7/3/00)

  15. Forbes.com: Citigroup To Launch B2B Portal

  16. "Does the world really need yet another e-procurement site? Maybe, maybe not, but the newest addition to the arena is more about changing the way business-to-business (B2B) funds flow than about creating another place to purchase paper." (2/17/00)

  17. Gomez.com: Web Currencies For Teens

  18. "If you want to allow your teen (or younger child) to shop online without borrowing your credit card, these sites can help." Reviews iCanBuy, RocketCash, DoughNet, Beenz and Flooz. (10/17/00)

  19. Information Week: B-to-B E-payment Offers Benefits to Marketplaces

  20. "Without help from the marketplaces, companies typically resort to old-fashioned manual processes on paper, missing out on further cost savings from automating money transfers and purchase-order tracking." Vendors are emerging. (11/13/00)

  21. Inter@ctive Week: E-tailers Caught in Card Squeeze

  22. "'The whole picture of what we're looking at is having 80 percent fewer [acquiring banks] who do mom and pop and high-risk businesses...'" (4/10/00)

  23. Internet.com's Electronic Commerce Guide: Payment Solutions: Reviews

  24. Offering ratings for a variety of e-commerce payment solution products, including pricing and platform information.

  25. Maintaining Consumer Confidence in Electronic Payment Mechanisms

  26. Paper comparing traditional transactions with newer payment methods using remote data systems. The paper also looks at who bears the greatest risk for fraud, and what measures can be taken to reduce the chance of it occuring.

  27. Network Payment Mechanisms and Digital Cash

  28. Collection of papers, articles, reports, and links to Internet resources related to network payment mechanisms and digital cash.

  29. Payment Mechanisms Designed for the Internet

  30. Collection of links and pointers to existing payment schemes that were designed for, or are in use on, the Internet.

  31. Paymentech: Payment Processing and Credit Card Glossary

  32. Providing terms and definitions common to payment processing.

  33. PBS.com: I, Cringely: Lie Back and Think of England

  34. "(T)o build a new and potentially enormous business (e-commerce), banks are willing to assume risk. The alternative...is...some other kind of payment system and the credit card companies fear that far more than they fear...transaction losses." (12/28/00)

  35. PC World: Paying in Private

  36. Discusses PrivateBuy, which "allows you to shop in complete privacy at any online retailer that accepts MasterCard and will ship goods to a nonbilling address," and several services that debit bank accounts or serve as cash-only intermediaries. (10/00)

  37. Smart Computing: Online Payment Systems

  38. An overview of the numerous competing technologies in the online payment sector. (4/01)

  39. ZDNet: No Credit Card? Go E-shopping Anyway

  40. "Some 100 million consumers don't have credit card access, but that doesn't have to crimp their online buying, thanks to some new tools." (12/8/00)

  41. ArchCreations.com: Website Development with Shopping Cart

  42. ArchCreations is an Innovative and unique Website Design company specialized in quality Graphic Designs and Professional website Design solutions. Our team of Professional Design Consultants works personally with each of our clients to understand their needs and believe that each client is different and so is their design and needs. We thrive to provide our clients one of a kind website design development solutions with a distinctive presence online with a professional touch. We are proud to dedicate a free 2 hrs of consultation by physically present just to understand the individual needs even before project commitment and also provide another 2 hrs of free consultation after project commitment with hands on training on website setup and help with maintenance techniques so you never have to seek any professional help. We assure to be your one stop website design solution providers .We provide all the Professional help step by step starting from your basic Graphic design needs, yet Innovative to Complete

  43. Cost Effective Web Templates

  44. Very cost effective way to build websites with professional look.

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