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    1. Basics of E-commerce

    2. An ongoing educational series for manufacturers. From the National Association of Manufacturers.

    3. Darwin: Executive Guides: E-Commerce

    4. Overview of e-commerce includes a case study, buzz words, tech info, future trends, and links.

    5. E-commerce Guide

    6. Ddaily news, feature articles, product guides, newsmaker profiles, an e-commerce events calendar, e-commerce-focused discussion list and forums.

    7. E-commerce Management, Technology, and Content Resources

    8. E-Commerce management, technology, and content resources for e-commerce managers, producers, designers, developers; also content strategy, usability, branding, management.

    9. E-Commerce Times

    10. Includes breaking news, special reports, product reviews, stock info, success stories, and expert tips for selling online.

    11. eCom Resource Center

    12. A comprehensive online resource center for e-commerce, including links to articles on web marketing and information on establishing a business on the Internet.

    13. HowStuffWorks: How E-Commerce Works

    14. "A fascinating look into the world of e-commerce!"

    15. Information Week: E-business Resource Center

    16. Articles and links to what's happening with e-business.

    17. InternetNews.com: E-commerce News

    18. Offering the latest e-commerce-related news and top stories.

    19. ITtoolbox E-Business

    20. Offers forums for discussion, an integrated directory, white papers, and daily news geared towards e-business. Also provides content, community, and job postings. Directory includes B2B, B2C, Globalizatin, Payment Systems, and Content Management.

    21. New York Times: E-commerce

    22. Special section contains a wealth of information on all aspects of e-commerce including e-tailing, B2B, and global. Free registration required.

    23. NewsTrove.com: E-commerce

    24. Keep up with all the latest news and features about e-commerce via this content aggregregator.

    25. UNCTAD: E-Commerce and Development Report 2001

    26. Released 11/20/01 by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Warns of the negative consequences should developing countries fall further technologically behind the industrialized world.

    27. USC: Digital Commerce Center

    28. Digital Commerce Center provides forums for business leaders, entrepreneurs, academics, technologists and media experts to understand and communicate critical issues in digital commerce.

    29. Wilson Internet: E-commerce Treasure Trove

    30. Providing a collection of e-commerce resources, including links to more than 1,500 e-commerce articles and case studies, headlines, a monthly newsletter, and a forum.

    31. Wright Research Center

    32. Detailed information on over 20,000 companies located around the world, including 10 years of historical data. Profiles are currently available in English, French and Spanish.

    33. WSJ.com: Special Report: E-Commerce

    34. " Are some businesses just not cut out for the Internet? Here's a look at why some industries have been failures on the Net, and how they may find success after all." (2/11/02) Premium subscription required.

    35. ZDNet: E-commerce Resource Center

    36. News, reviews, opinions, best practices, and background articles.

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