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    1. Cyber Business Centre: TrendWatch: B2C

    2. Offering current reports dealing with the impact of Internet-related technologies and the ways in which businesses communicate with, sell to, and support their customers.

    3. Darwin Online: E-business Learning Center: Business-to-Consumer

    4. Collection of articles from various sources covering different aspects of the business-to-consumer marketplace.

    5. Dataquest: B2C Dot-Coms: The Shakeout Continues

    6. "Though little is technically wrong with the B2C e-com model, even big names like Amazon.com and Ebay are struggling to skirt an impending collapse--ideas are great, but business basics can't be overlooked." (12/8/00)

    7. Europemedia.net

    8. Offering B2C-related news from around the world.

    9. Fortune: Attention Kmart Bashers

    10. "The folks at BlueLight are turning the troubled retailer into an online force. And Wal-Mart is watching." (11/13/00)

    11. InfoWorld.com: News: Study Reveals That Online Customer Satisfaction Rose During Holidays

    12. "Repeat online shoppers rated their holiday experience as the same or better than last year, according to a study released by Los Angeles-based BizRate.com." (1/12/01)

    13. Internet.com: The Endangered B2C?

    14. "We all knew it was coming, but nobody wanted to say it out loud. Like a child closing his eyes tightly against the darkness, the B2Cs have clutched their virtual blankeys and prayed for the B2Big Bad Bears in the closet to go away." (8/1/00)

    15. Newsbytes: Study: E-commerce Market Hits 'Awkward' Stage

    16. "In the next four years, online sales will grow at an annual rate of 44.5 percent to $515 billion in 2005, but, despite the dramatic rise, e-commerce will only represent 2.6 percent of the worldwide retail market in 2005, the study said..." (12/5/00)

    17. PC Magazine Labs Report: Setting Up a Site

    18. "In PC Magazine's first look at business-to-consumer solutions we walk you through some of the basic components needed to get your e-commerce site up and running." (4/00)

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