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Dispute Resolution


  1. American Arbitration Association

  2. The American Arbitration Association is a not-for-profit, public service organization dedicated to the resolution of disputes.

  3. AuctionWatch.com: Neutral Third Party

  4. "Instead of a judge imposing a solution where one party takes all and one takes nothing, where one is at fault and where one is innocent, mediation allows compromise and collaboration." (4/14/00)

  5. BusinessWeek: Cybersettle: Staking a Claim to the Online Mediation Market

  6. "Online dispute resolution lets you conquer geographical distances and minimizes the chance that emotions will get in the way of a good settlement." (3/14/00)

  7. CIO: E-legal Activities

  8. "By letting attorneys settle simple claims online, this automated negotiating service hopes to take some pain out of the process." (3/15/00)

  9. clickNsettle.com

  10. clickNsettle.com, Inc. is a full- service, international dispute resolution services provider that enables users to resolve disputes anywhere in the world quickly and efficiently.

  11. CPR Institute: Dispute Resolution for Internet Domain Names

  12. The CPR Institute administers and provides arbitrators for disputes alleging abusive registration and use of an Internet domain name. These documents offer procedures for resolving domain name disputes through CPR.

  13. Cybersettle.com

  14. Cybersettle.com offers an online, computer-assisted method for settling insurance claims. The company's patent-pending, blind-bid system helps users resolve any monetary dispute with speed and confidentiality.

  15. DomainMagistrate

  16. DomainMagistrate is an online assistance center to help you through your domain name registration dispute.

  17. eResolution

  18. eResolution offers a technological solution that facilitates online dispute resolution and manages an international network of mediators and arbitrators.

  19. Fenwick & West LLP

  20. Fenwick & West LLP is a law firm providing comprehensive services to high-technology clients of national and international prominence, emphasizing technology-related issues in a global business context.

  21. FindLaw: Legal Subjects: Dispute Resolution, Arbitration, and Mediation

  22. Collection of FindLaw resources and links, including a legal directory, law documents, articles dealing with arbitration, mediation, and dispute resolution, and a message board.

  23. iCourthouse

  24. iCourthouse.com serves Internet users in ways that a brick-and-mortar courthouse serves its community. It is an online courthouse where you can present disputes for trial before a jury of peers, any time, for any reason.

  25. Inter@ctive Week: Justice Is Just A Mouse Click Away

  26. "'The offline legal system is of absolutely no use at all' for Net-based disputes..." (2/28/00)

  27. Internet.com: Network Solutions Takes Domain Disputes Online

  28. "The new site provides a roadmap to the Uniform Domain Name Dispute Resolution Policy, which was recently adopted by the Internet Corp. for Assigned Names and Numbers and is mandated for all registrars..." (1/3/00)

  29. InternetWeek: New Channel to Resolve Disputes

  30. "'What they're really doing is taking existing paper-based models and people-based interactions and transplanting them to the Web.'" (8/14/00)

  31. law.com: Can Disputes Be Resolved in Cyberspace?

  32. "These services operate something akin to a 'reverse auction' or a 'blind-bidding system.' The services do not evaluate merits of claims or the strength of legal positions; instead, they serve strictly as a neutral arena for offers." (5/8/00)

  33. Mediate.com

  34. Meeting place for people dealing with conflict. Includes articles, information, and discussions to increase knowledge about mediation and conflict resolution.

  35. NewsBytes: Better Business Bureau, PWC Team on E-biz Dispute Resolutions

  36. The Council of Better Business Bureaus and the PricewaterhouseCoopers consulting firm have teamed to develop an online platform for dispute resolution. (12/11/00)

  37. OnlineResolution

  38. Online Resolution provides a complete range of dispute resolution services to help people and businesses resolve their disputes without going to court.

  39. San Francisco Chronicle: Internet Mediators Can Speed Payment of Insurance Claims

  40. "Several online mediation services target attorneys and insurance firms that handle property damage and personal injury cases. These services are set up as interactive blind-bid systems..." (6/12/00)

  41. SF Gate: Mediator: Net Services Referee Disputes Between Online Sellers, Buyers

  42. "'Consumers should be empowered to deal only with reputable merchants, under terms that make them comfortable and with assurance that any disagreements can be promptly and reasonably resolved...'" (6/12/00)

  43. SquareTrade

  44. The digitally watermarked SquareTrade Seal establishes an online seller's customer service track record, helps build buyer confidence, and serves as the first line of defense against fraud.

  45. University of Massachusetts: Center for Information Technology and Dispute Resolution

  46. The Center's mission is to support and sustain the development of knowledge bases, systems, and processes for resolving conflict in cyberspace, as well as to further the understanding of disputing and dispute resolution.

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