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    1. CRM-Forum

    2. Providing CRM professionals and companies involved in CRM on both the demand and supply side of the industry with a place to keep up-to-date with CRM developments, and to, meet, discuss, and contact each other about CRM-related issues.

    3. FT.com: Special Reports: Understanding CRM

    4. Answers strategy, implementation, technology, and investment questions.

    5. IT Director.com: CRM

    6. An overview of CRM with related news articles.

    7. ComputerWorld: Special Report: Sober CRM

    8. "Many early customer relationship management projects failed, but companies are learning from their mistakes." (2/18/02)

    9. BetterManagement.com: CRM

    10. Collection of recent CRM articles from various sources.

    11. CRM Project: Increasing Customer Value: Harness the Power of Predictive CRM

    12. "Use analytical CRM to find out things you've never known about your customers - and to say just the right thing at just the right time." (8/15/01)

    13. Fast Company: "But Wait, You Promised ..."

    14. Every company wants to delight its customers. Don't you spend most of your day delighted? (4/01)

    15. IndustryClick: Golden Opportunity

    16. Regardless of the sales channels, you need to make customers feel like royalty. The four steps of measuring customer satisfaction can show you how.. (3/01)

    17. Information Week: CRM and Call Centers Get Together

    18. "Vendor mergers and partnerships are resulting in numerous tools that integrate CRM and call-center applications into single, software-hardware solutions, giving even large companies the ability to maintain high customer-service standards." (9/4/00)

    19. Infoworld: Making the most of CRM

    20. "To get the most from their CRM (customer relationship management) data, users are increasingly turning to BI (business intelligence) tools." (2/9/01)

    21. IntelligentCRM: CRM: Customer Role Management

    22. "Supporting customers in the various 'roles' they play in your business model is the essence of customer relationship management." (3/00)

    23. InternetWeek: Customer Service - Pamper Your Customers

    24. "The definition of CRM is becoming broader as the e-commerce explosion continues." (10/16/00)

    25. ITtoolbox CRM

    26. Customer Relationship Management (CRM) portal. Focusing on Siebel, Vantive, Clarify, Oracle CRM, BaanFrontOffice, SAP CRM, and other CRM packages.

    27. Line56: Surviving CRM

    28. "CRM can add to the top line and cut costs, too, but many projects fail. Smart companies are learning how to improve the odds." (11/28/01)

    29. NewsTrove.com: CRM

    30. Keep up with all the latest news and features about CRM via this content aggregregator.

    31. Relationship Marketing Resources: CRM Articles

    32. Offering a collection of CRM-based articles, with topics covering everything from relationship marketing and management, to the use of surveys for building relationships.

    33. SearchCRM.com: The CRM Specific Search Engine

    34. CRM-specific portal for IT professionals focused on CRM.

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