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    1. Center for Research in Electronic Commerce

    2. University of Texas-based center focusing on electronic commerce, digital economy, and information technology, in close collaboration with industry and business leaders. Offers digital economy applications, experiments, and research reports.

    3. CyberAtlas Statistics Toolbox

    4. Find statistics, numbers, and tables relating to Internet usage and e-commerce.

    5. E-commerce Times: Five E-Commerce Trends To Watch

    6. "University of Michigan researchers who track online customer satisfaction said recently that e-tailers made consumers happier than offline retailers during the do-or-die Q4." (4/2/02)

    7. eLab: Research: Manuscripts

    8. Elab research objectives are to enrich and stimulate the knowledge base on the role of marketing in new media environments, provide a principal point for the discussion and exchange of these ideas, and impact business practice in this emerging area.

    9. Forrester Power Rankings: Top Consumer Sites

    10. Top e-commerce sites in a variety of categories: books, flowers, computing, airlines, brokerage, electronics, health, apparel, toys and games, movies, music, general merchandise. Derived from online consumer surveys and unbiased expert analysis.

    11. Gomez.com: Scorecards

    12. Extensive list of e-commerce category rankings comprised of a set of 120 or more criteria points, selected by Gsmez experts to capture the quality of the Internet delivery of goods and services for a given sector.

    13. Jupiter Media Metrix: Commerce & Transactions

    14. These services analyze how interactivity and emerging technologies affect consumer and business-to-business transactions, with a focus on commerce behavior, customer loyalty, payment systems, pricing models and channel strategies.

    15. NFO Interactive

    16. Helps clients develop a better understanding of the interactive consumer and delivers the many benefits of Internet-based research to clients world wide.

    17. NRF/Forrester Online Retail Index

    18. The monthly Index is based on 5,000 responses to an online survey fielded by Greenfield Online.

    19. PPI: Policy Report: The Best States for E-Commerce

    20. "This report measures how state laws, regulations, and administrative actions support or hinder Internet use by Americans." (3/13/02) Free Adobe Acrobat Reader required.

    21. Progressive Policy Institute: The Best States for E-Commerce

    22. "This report measures how state laws, regulations, and administrative actions support or hinder Internet use by Americans." Full report downloadable in PDF; Acrobat Reader required. (3/13/02)

    23. SBA: Small Business Expansions in Electronic Commerce

    24. "A look at how small firms are helping shape the fastest growing segments of e-commerce." (6/00)

    25. U.S. Census Bureau: Measuring the Electronic Economy

    26. Four papers discussing methodologies for measuring e-commerce, its impact and other aspects of the online economy. Note that the Census Bureau is now releasing e-commerce sales figures separated out from its quarterly retail sales reports.

    27. U.S. Department of Commerce: Digital Economy 2000

    28. The Commerce Department's third annual report on the information-technology revolution and its impact on our economy. Adobe Acrobat required.

    29. UNCTAD: E-Commerce and Development Report 2001

    30. Released 11/20/01 by the United Nations Conference on Trade and Development. Warns of the negative consequences should developing countries fall further technologically behind the industrialized world.

    31. Understanding Digital Markets

    32. A review and assessment by Michael D. Smith, MIT Sloan School, Joseph Bailey, University of Maryland, and Erik Brynjolfsson, MIT Sloan School. Forthcoming in Erik Brynjolfsson and Brian Kahin, eds. Understanding The Digital Economy, MIT Press, 1999.

    33. Web Commerce Today: E-commerce Research Room

    34. Offering a large collection of articles, links, and resources on e-commerce. Subscription to Web Commerce Today required to access most areas. About 20% of the resources are open to the general public.

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