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Virtual Intelligence Providers - A Story of Loyalty, Friendship and Talent by Sonia Clayton


Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC, though the brainchild of Sonia Clayton who remains today its CEO, owes its existence to a rare combination of fate and the best in human traits or key individual qualities to guarantee survivability: professional behavior, friendship, loyalty and, most strikingly, stamina to run the entrepreneurial race. VIP came into being, in October 2001, as an organization devoted primarily to providing know-how and business technologies support to enterprises of all sizes. That calamitous year (the same one for tropical storm Allison and the terrorist attacks of September 11) was rather inauspicious in Houston, and in the US at large, for starting up any type of business venture or project.


Here is where some of Clayton’s former colleagues, team members and friends, stepped up against the proverbial odds by trusting her knowledge of the industry, and her ability to relate to corporate decision-makers, to use the one other avenue they had available: creating a one-of-a-kind, no-nonsense though modest outlet whose chief objective would be to produce a flexible and comparatively more affordable model for dispensing business technology services/support, relevant skill sets, and professional disciplines, all upon a menu-driven or cafeteria-style platform.


We salute today those individuals, some still with the organization, who in a spirit of genuine entrepreneurialism, selflessness, friendship and trust made it all possible. That initial founding group included academicians, managers, graphic / instructional designers, systems engineers and programmers. Even today they will tell you: "…that is when, all of us got together and decided to create VIP. Not as a regular consulting shop, but as an alternative flexible, budget-friendly and robust offer: lower fees, consistent and higher quality in the services or knowledge delivered, and most definitely an alternative to America’s decision makers during financially challenging times. Our services and solutions are based on quality, relevancy, consistency, and a reasonable cost. Unity is power, and we had plenty of that among us.


Clayton, meanwhile, drew on years of direct industry exposure, and corporate sales experience, to get the firm off the ground. Knowing first hand the importance of motivated and happy team members, she took a personal interest in, and treated, her “Consultants” with a caring spirit, dispensing them with the same treatment she’d expect for herself. Says she, "I win the trust of my team members the only way there is: by treating them honestly, respectfully and professionally. Besides, that is something every client or VIP team member deserves, regardless of duties, roles or responsibilities. Today, this team, although incorporating new faces, remains full of energy, talent, professionalism and creativity. I know they have potential, and I urge them at all times to do their very best. Incidentally, that is why we’ve made good friends through the years. How people are treated here at VIP, or in the exercise of our professions, is more important to me than profits and losses."


VIP values highly the principles of financial austerity, value-added service, quality, and outstanding technical, and support services. We make a very integrated team, and engineer or find technically though budget-friendly and relevant solutions for our clients. We work with great partners, building innovative and affordable project tools and solutions. We maintain the highest of industry standards for quality and performance by retaining knowledgeable and seasoned professionals in our staff, all dedicated to strategizing and delivering high performance and successful outcomes.


After 11 years of operations, we continue to lower the operational costs of ERP consulting services for many business organizations in the USA, in Latin America, and in other places. We’ve proven to the IT world that there is a sound way to reduce costs and yet have great implementations, a positive sense of accomplishment, and a true IT Services and Business Technology partner here. “We're proud of what has been accomplished. Being successful in business has nothing to do with taking advantage of people who need your products or services. On the contrary, it is about giving them value, care and attention, for a fair price, whenever they need our services and knowledge most." Clayton added.


We have grown to serve over 50 Fortune 100 companies, the majority of them in the Oil and Gas segment of the economy. Our international reach extends now from our offices right here in Houston, Texas, to all over the USA, as well as to Canada, Mexico, Spain, Hungary, and to Caribbean and South American countries such as Trinidad and Tobago, Puerto Rico, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru and Venezuela.


Among our past or current clients we proudly count SAP Latin America, Shell International, Shell Lubricants, IBM, Hewlett Packard, City of Houston, Premcor Refineries, Baker Hughes International, Toyota/Lexus, Lennox International, CEMEX, Nexen Canadian Petroleum, Waste Management Corporation, Weatherford International, United (former Continental) Airlines, ExxonMobil, Chevron and many other big-name enterprises.”


Knowing that large, medium or small organizations must look into innovative business concepts, such as the ones VIP has to offer, we implemented successfully the following six "ingredients:


1. NEW BUSINESS TRENDS AND CHANGE MANAGEMENT: That implied the acceptance of the new business economy variables, such as "smaller or limited IT or HR budgets" and "short term assignments"


2. IMPLEMENTATION OF NEW EMPLOYMENT MODELS: Low Overhead Consulting Services, Virtual/Telecommuting Project teams trained to work with standardized product development policies, and Measurable Project Models.


3. IMPLEMENTATION OF COST CUTTING STRATEGIES: We create and integrate solutions for our clients. We represent one single source of support for our clients and offer the first true Virtual Development driven project strategies to the IT and HR markets. We also provide local manpower, avoiding exuberant travel or relocation expenses and, alternatively, offer Remote Administration, Video-Conferencing, e-Learning, and Virtual Connectivity services, which give the client a real return on investment (ROI), beyond the budget-busting fees associated with engaging large consulting outlets for your organization’s projects.


4. TOOLS: VIP's Product Development Team works earnestly in creating "Cost Cutting Tools and Applications" to help our clients achieve their goals. Our applications are developed with "100% Client Feed-Back", thus filling a void in the US market for much needed, and requested, solutions: technical applications, documentation, training or ancillary services.


5. BUDGETED SOLUTIONS: To avoid having jobs go offshore, and to make positive contributions to our national economy, VIP's business model spawned innovative alternatives for IT and HR decision-makers by offering them with competitive service pricing models comparable to the off-shoring alternatives.


6. QUALITY ASSURANCE: VIP's Quality Assurance and Client Support Services are often acknowledged and highlighted by specialized newspapers and magazines. VIP has been the subject of many a recognition by professional organizations. Click here to view the most recent awards: News

Our ability to recognize the need for change and to quickly adapt to the needs of our clients is how "success" is spelled at Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC.

Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC Specializes in IT and ERP Project Management, Staff Augmentation, Change Management, Application Development, E-Learning, Marketing and Technical Documentation and Training.


Our ability to recognize the need for change and to quickly adapt to the needs of our clients determines how "success" is conceived at Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC.


Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC specializes, among other disciplines or fields, in IT and ERP Project Management, Staff Augmentation, Change Management, Application Development, e-Learning, Marketing and Technical Documentation and Training.


| Contact: | Leica Fielding | Virtual Intelligence Providers, LLC | 110 Cypress Station, Suite 123 |  Houston, TX 77090 |  lfielding@vipglobal.com

|website: www.vip-global.com |

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