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About Professional Development Strategies for Managers and Executives  

This course offers managers/executives the opportunity to recognize an array of professional development responsibilities and options. It also requires professionals to identify, plan for, and engage in behavior changes that support personal/professional success for themselves and their employees.

Specifically, the course seeks to educate students on best practices for:

  • examining life values and priorities. It strengthens student’s capacity to create objectives and make changes that are congruent with what the student has identified as most important.
  • establishing and using decision-making, goal setting, problem solving, and time management skills to address personal/professional development issues.
  • understanding a broader vision of wellness, and valid strategies used to modify behaviors to support a balanced and healthful life.
  • using and promoting effective communication.
  • recognizing that creating positive societal and environment impacts is part of the contemporary manager/executive’s responsibilities.

Course Content
Unit l – Introduction: A Life in Balance
• Seven Dimensions of Wellness
• Work/Life Balance

Unit ll – Choosing and Using Your Life Paradigm
• Values Identification
• Recognizing Personal Paradigms

Unit lll – Balancing Tools
• Goal Setting
• Time Management
• Risk Taking

Unit lV – Life Connections
• Effective Communication
• Connection to our Social and Natural Environment

Unit V – Living Well
• The Mind/Body/Spirit Connection
• Stress Management
• Fitness: Diet and Exercise

$1290 per person. DiversityBusiness.com members will receive 10% discount on all the courses.

About Online Learning
RutgersOnline courses are asynchronous learning experiences, which means you can engage in learning activities when it’s convenient to you. Online courses also eliminate the hassle of commuting.

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Professional Development Strategies for Managers and Executives

Customized Solutions

We offer a suite of courses which may be taken individually or combined to enhance your existing professional development program. We also have the ability to customize the existing courses and enhance them specifically for your organizational needs.

Improve Efficiency

This unique collaboration allows your employees to continue developing their skills while improving the efficiency of your work force. Your employees will enjoy the convenience of working at their own pace and schedule using online instruction with 24 hour tech support.
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