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Guest Pass is the nation's primary resource portal for business connections.

It is a membership-based exchange platform that facilitates contacts and communication, supplier diversity tools, streamlines business processes and provides vital business news and information.

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The nation's leading conference on business initiatives in Diversity and Multiculturalism.

Covers the areas of Human Resources, Supplier Diversity, Multicultural Marketing and Ethnic Advertising.

Presentations by nationally known diversity experts.

Attendees are from Major corporations, Educational Institutions, Government Agencies and Privately-Held Businesses.

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DiversityBusiness magazine is the pre-eminent print resource in assisting our clients, customers, and business partners with meeting their diversity initiatives and succeeding in the global, multi-cultural business market.

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OMNIKAL 1st Annual Supply Chain Entrepreneur 'Pitch' Contest! Announced
America's Top 50 Inclusion Corporations: Who's Gaining Market Share By Doing The Right Thing?
"Omnikal (formerly 17th Annual National Business Summit" Announced
Call for Nominations: 2017 "Champions of Diversity"
Call for Nominations: "Entreprenuers Hall of Fame (EHOF)"
"Entrepreneurship: Recipe for Wealth Distribution" By Kenton Clarke
"America's Top Organizations for Multicultural Business Opportunities"; Online Voting takes place from December 1st through December 15, 2016
17th Annual "Top Businesses in America" Awards Program Announced
"Supplier Inclusion: The Shift is On" By Kenton Clarke Electronic Magazine Next Issue: Call for Papers
"Leading Chief Diversity Officers Head Panel Forum Discussion at 16th Annual National Summit"
"Michelle Van Otten, Founder & CEO of Profit Ventures Headlined 16th Annual National Summit"
"Ben-Saba Hasan, SVP Chief Culture, D&I Officer at Walmart Headlined 16th Annual National Summit"
"Aisha Bowe, Co-Founder & CEO of STEMBoard Headlined 16th Annual National Summit"
"Bill Evans, President of Current Staffing Solutions, LLC Headlined 16th Annual National Summit"
"Tiffany Pham, CEO of Mogul Headlined at 16th Annual National Summit"
"Gene Waddy, Founder & CEO of DIVERSANT Headlined 16th Annual National Summit"
" 16th Annual National Post Summit Review"
National Entrepreneurship Initiative to be led by the country's Top Privately-held Owned Businesses
Supplier Diversity: Paradigm Shift; Small business becomes primary focus
Entrepreneurship- "Driving Our Nation's Economy through Innovation & Diversity" a video presentation discussion by Kenton Clarke, President & CEO
- "Entrepreneurship: Recipe for Wealth Distribution" By Kenton Clarke
- "Supplier Inclusion: The Shift is On" By Kenton Clarke
- Overcoming Minority and Gender Expatriate Challenges on International Assignments by Tom Paton
- Leadership Strategies for Women: A Global Perspective Best Practices Women Everywhere Can Use by Connie Glaser
- Diversity and the Aging Conundrum by Susan Welch
- Yes Your Cheese Has Moved Leaders by Jeffrey A. McLean
Virtual Intelligence Providers - A Story of Loyalty, Friendship and Talent by Sonia Clayton
Diversity in Franchises by Jose Torres with
Pantyhose & Shoes: Thoughts on Generations in the Workplace from a Retro-Chic Baby Boomer by Charmaine Brown
How to be Human Online & Connect with Customers in the Process David Lee King
From Mom to Mompreneur: 5 Steps to Starting Your Own Business By Julie Shifman
What Mariano Can Teach Us About Leadership by Barbara Laskin
Supplier Diversity: Paradigm Shift; Small business becomes primary focus
Lose the Business Plan! 6 Steps to Professional and Financial Success by By Todd Bates
Supplier Diversity: Food for Thought May 2012 By Kenton Clarke President & CEO
The Entrepreneur Wealth Cycle - The 6 Keys to Building Wealth by Greg Crabtree
4 Steps to Building Wealth On Any Salary by Steve Repak, CFP
The Secret to Setting Goals by Julie Austin
Dare We Say the "Q" Word? Do you have a leak in your talent pileline? By: Dr. Pat Heim and Tammy Hughes
Ten Tips to Respond to RFPs... and Still Keep Your Sanity By Susan Sweeney
"How Today's Companies Can Encourage More Diversity in the Workplace" by Dr. Sasha Galbraith
Growing Your Business Among the $1 Trillion Dollar Latina, Black, and Asian Women of Color Market by Miriam Muléy
"You Aren't Who I Thought You Were and It's Driving Me Crazy" by Sondra Thiederman
Five Mistakes Managers Make When Recruiting & Coaching Women - and How NOT to Make Them by Jane Sanders
It's different and exactly what I need right now! by Peter Gruben
Diversity Awareness and Sensitivity are not Enough by Mary Winters
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 is the online hub for supplier diversity. The heart of this website is its' informative database of Women and Minority Business Enterprises (W/MBE's) and contact's within Fortune 1000 companies. DiversityBusiness also facilitates your ability to remain abreast of activities and news that affect W/MBE's and Blue Chip Companies. is the only e-procurement resource that maintains a national database with up to date information, as well as providing all the data necessary for the expansion of Multicultural Businesses on a national basis. known as launched Careers in diversity as another major service to its portfolio. Diversity Career, Diversity Careers, Diversity Training, Diversity Trainings are the new services from